5. Tiny Home Bed

Bed for saving your room space

          TINY HOME BED is a raised bed with storage space capacity under the mattress. The storage cavity is covered with a fabric curtain, which hides the storage space from view and allows the user to access the storage space from any position. Today, the number of people living in small dwellings is increasing due to limited housing capacity in urban spaces. In light of this phenomenon, I have focused my project on the development of a small bed for compact living. My objective was to develop a bed that was not only practical, but also atheistically attractive.

The project was started with my personal experience. When I studied in Switzerland, a furnished small room in a shared flat was the only possible option with my budget. It reminded me of Goshiwons, one of the types of small housing in Korea and ‘coffin homes’ in other Asian countries. At that time, I realised the issue: a lack of houses and high rent in big cities is also common on the other side of the world.

From that experience, I decided to research tiny homes and develop solutions to adapt to live better in this circumstance by designing suitable furniture. My hope is that people can utilise their own space to express their personality, not just to put massive furniture.

Through the market research of current space saving furniture and storage beds, I have realised most of them have a massive and complicated structure which is not suitable for the young generation who move more often than other generations before them. So I was focusing on making the storage bed lighter and simple through the use of a frame based structure.

The bed is lightweight through the use of light wood framing, and easy to construct and carry. The fabric material for covering the storage space and shelves also helps to reduce using massive wooden panel.

TINY HOME BED is for everyone who wants to efficiently utilize their living space from the people who are forced to move to small living spaces by a shortage of houses and expensive rent fee in the big city, students who are living in dorms to the people who chose the tiny home to have a minimal lifestyle.