1. 4321-market: Swiss Souvenir


          Basket-Ursli is inspired by the Swiss children's book 'Schellen-Ursli'. The book is about little boy Ursli's adventure to find a big cowbell in his family's chalet in the Alps for the spring procession. I like the illustrations in the book a lot, especially the scene where Ursli is wearing the big bell like a cross-body bag. I looked into the bell-making process, and it seems not very different from a bag-making process. Applying felt fabric instead of the metal sheet and using rivet instead of welding, but keeping the pattern design of traditional cowbell. For the handle strap, I add some decorative detail similar to the embroidery fringe strap of the cowbell. This Swiss cowbell-inspired felt basket will be a good souvenir for travelers because it is light and not fragile. It can be used as a small storage for daily life with little hint of Switzerland.

Fringe Socks

         Decoration and Swissness seem to have a gap between each other, but many of the Swiss traditional items have decorative pleasure in them. I found the charm in the decorative detail on the leather strap made out of a fringe for Swiss cowbells. Fringe Socks are just simple socks but with a unique fringe loop on the backside. I wish people who wear the socks feel like they are walking in the Alps.


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