4. 4321-market: RopSop

Rope to refill soap and hang anywhere

          ROPSOP is the hanging type of soap bar that is provided both of a reusable cotton rope and soap bar with a hole to assemble to the rope. A magnetic lock part helps to easily hang the soa to any type of rack or a hook in the bathroom or kitchen With ROPSOP, I wish that more people use solid soap for multi-purposes in any place instead of liquid soap contained in a plastic package.
ROPSOP was firstly sold on 4321x-market, a holiday market created by alumni of the ECAL, Switzerland. In the year 2020, the market was broadcasted live on Instagram in consideration of the Covid19. Most of my customers posted about the product after they buy the soap. It was a great opportunity to hear the customer's feedback and to see their own way to use it. This project is still on going to develope its package and branding.

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